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Display Driver - Board - for 18 SSD1306 Screens

this is one essential part for my triggermatrix5
I need there 17 Displays, and i had good expierence with andys display_driver-board
since i didnt want to solder this board by hand again - i created this board. its fully SMD, and made it pick and place ready - so no soldering required!


Building and BOM


Follwing list is for reference, and debugging only, no need to order them! all the parts are already soldered on the PCB!

Comment Designator Footprint LCSC
10uF C1-18,C34-54 0805_C CL21A106KAYNNNE
100n C19-33 0402_C C307331
- CS1,LCD1-18,inB10,outB10,in15 PinHead-SMD-2,54mm Pitch C192300
SN74HC541 IC1-7 SOIC127P780X200-20N C116811
74HC595 IC8-10 SOIC-16 C5947
220 OHM R1-54 0402_R C25091
1K OHM R55-96 0402_R C11702


copy following list into this


Order from Reichelt:
17xFemale Pinheader 1x7pin

To Do

waiting for the assembled Prototype

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.
or join the forum: Triggermatrix 5

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