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DIY-man in everything I am really interested
Europe, Austria - Katsdorf , born in 1983

take a break and listen to some music

When I want to make a track, or do a gig, i want total control of parameters, and I want to move & save them all.
There was and is a way to do that…
so back in the days i got in contact with standalone commercial sequencers like RS7000 Roland-grooveboxes or the early Electribes
Here was my first contact with Midibox…MB SID
later I did the whole thing with Ableton - , contact with Midibox Midicontrollers…
and I was very happy with the upcoming MAX4Live - it was almost perfect…, i learnt the program really well, I then just programmed a all-in-one-Groovebox in MAX without Live…
then I wanted to go to almost latency free technologies- so again i come to Midibox where i take the knowledge from the MAX-Groovebox and put it into C-codes, and that was new again, and it is still… Triggermatrix was born.

@ the moment, i am still a free artist - years of freedom, and December is always the time of year to invent new Music-Machines! I love the dark time in year… but also the summmer: where the music machines will be used… and other plans accour - of a more biological in nature livestyle, anastasia, tom brown jr, earthships, glasshouses, own grown food, electricity, water, paradiesgarten, there are more importend things… having to eat and save the environment…for me and the ones with me…

Project list

Actual Triggermatrix 5 aka TM5:

Open PAD

  • OpenPAD First concept off using the MPD 226 Pads and Foil with custom PCB, with MIOS!
  • DoutX2DinX1 SMD board with free Production Files- can be used for other project too.
  • OpenPAD-Codeblock Buttons and Encoder Board - in combination with DoutX2DinX1 Free Files!
  • Core4OpenPAD A STM32F407VGT6 based Board - Pick and Place


  • DAW-Ableton A DAW Controller for Ableton with a bunch of M4L sysex…
  • DAW-BTN 3+3 LED Buttons, a PCB tu build a DAW-Controller
  • DAW-Encoder-Display SSD1306 and Encoders, a PCB to build a DAW-Controller (scaleable)

paused projects:


  • CoilWinder Coil Winder, Mios-Based Tesla-Coil Winding machine
  • clock2audio2clock convert Midiclock 2 Audio, record this audio, play this audio convert 2 Midiclok, for Multitrack Audio Studios without Midi, in order to overdub a track that need to be in Midi-Clock-Sync,
  • MSQ-CC-BCR some kind of a synth programmer, but with CC-Motionsequencer, and the use of BCR2000 (hardcodet for Nord Drum2, but with Mapping Array inside program)
  • MSQ-CC-LRE V1 same as MSQ-CC-BCR but, newer, faster, better… also hardcodet for Nord Drum2

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