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MIDIbox DigiRoland Project


The Midibox EuRoland project aims to be a 4U Re-Edit of Analog Drum Parts of Roland TR Drumachines designed to fit in the Eurorack size Format, to be driven trought MIDI or CV.

It's the Merging of these projects:

Community users working on it

Getting Involved ?

Just let a Private message on the forum to users already involved

General Design

2 Cases of use :

  • 1. Midi-Interface: Use the MB-Modulbox Standartmodules, for Digital UI and CV+Trig-Generation
  • 2. Analog Interface: Just Plug CV or Trig Jacks into the Analog Modules…without Midibox.



BD+SD > Psykhaze
CY+HH > Phatline


BD, SD, TOM > Psykhaze
CY, HH, COWBELL > Phatline


BD, TOM, SAMPLER-Voices > Psykhaze
SD, RIM > Phatline




Access to System-Settings, Channel, NoteNumbers
CV+Trig Out-Jacks for Euroland Drum Modules

8xPotentiometer Module

When using the Euroland Modules via Midi, then there are some Performance Parameters aviable:
All Functions have effect on all 8 Voices @ once.

  • 1.Velocity Offset (-+64 > with Center Postiton = normal)
  • 2.Velocity Kill depending Note Kill (-+64 > with Center Position = normal > Full Spectrum)
  • 3.Random Kill (0=full Kill, 127 no Kill, Normal Position > 127)
  • 4.Velocity 2 TriggerLength (-+64 > with Center Position = normal 10ms, turn right:time inc by velocity in%, turn left:decrease%)
  • 5.Accent: (0-127-normal 127)
  • 6.——: could be something like Roll
  • 7.——: not used, could be something like a Accent for a Group of CVs
  • 8.——: not used, could be something like a Accent for a Group of CVs

accessible via MB-Modulbox 8xPot - PCB. Just plug it in, and acitivate the AIN-Port in MIOS

MB-Modulbox 8x8 LED-Button-Matrix

Set CV + Trig Routing (some kind of trigger matrix), standard is 1:1 routing, so no need for this if you use a fixed setup.

Analog Use

Here are only the Analog-Drum-PCB discussed, since all other Digital UI is based on MB-Modulbox Standart Modules, the MB-Modulbox Main PCB2 is special Variant, described here.

Software Tools used

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