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LRE8x2 096 SSD1306-BAR for Eurorack

I made this PCBs to use it with Fairlightii´s mb-lre8x2cs_pcb

4x PCBs on one 100x100mm
there is no V-Groove, you have to cut it on the marking
groove it on top and back, with a new sharp cutter, do it several times, then break it

With this Method you pay for 20 PCBs 8€ all inclusive to EU-Austria
So you can Stuff 5 LRE8x2 with this.
Here are the gerberfiles for production - i made it withJLCPCB

And they are working, they also V-Grooved on my marking without extra costs…
My next Revision would be a Micromatch header on the left side of the pcbs so i can directly interconnect to a Display Driver (crimping instead of soldering)

Hardware Requirements

  • a MIOS32 Core to connect too
  • Soldering Iron - with a Dip that can Handle Thruhole-Parts, solder Paste…
  • LRE8x2 for its nature use


Building and BOM

The Values are printet on the PCB.

Following Quantity is for 4 PCBs:
8x 1Row 7Pin headers (2.54mm pitch)
8x 1K 1208 SMD Resistors
12x 10uF 1208 Capacitors (non polarized)
3x 10K 0603 SMD Resistors which are optional

8x 0.96“ SSD1306 Screens


I made a DXF File which you can send to Formulor in Germany

i panalized it so there are 2 Plates in it
I payed 40€ summed for booth plates incl shipping from Germany to Austria

The Version with the not needet 3mm Mounting holes for the

My Orginal Autocad Drawing, + DXFs for Fabrication without the non needet Mounting

Recommend Material from Formulor:
3mm Acrylglas GS 384x384mm, mittelgrau transparent(7C83)

To Do

The LRE-OLED-Bar & The Frontpanel are a Part of my MSQ-CC-LRE-V2
so look there for more information….

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.

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