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Core 4 Discoveryboard STM32F407VGT6

this is one essential part for my triggermatrix5
i need a core pcb which is aviable in Europe, and uses the stm32F407VGT6 chip, which has 1MB ram…



i think there is a error - PB2 is not connected to the CORE MODULE FIXME

Building and BOM

parts off it is pick and place the other part is handsolder


the LCSC Parts are done with the Pick and place - so no need to order…

Comment Designator LCSC Lot
SN74HC541 IC1 C116811 1
1K Ra1,Rb1,Rc1,R5,R6,R7,R8,R24 C11702 8
J10B GPIO1 C124391 1
AIN J5A/B1 C124391 1
DIN/DOUT J8/1 C124391 1
MCP3208 IC2,IC3 C16939 2
10 R17 C17902 1
6N138-SMD O1,O2,O3,O4 C188666 4
Pin-Header-2×4-SMD AIN0,AIN1 C192300 2
J4A+B IIC1 C192300 1
J15A JA15 C192300 1
J10B JB10 C192300 1
- Midi1 C192300 1
LED LED1 C2286 1
220 R1-4,R13-21 C25091 12
2K2 R22,R23,R25,R26 C25879 4
4K7 R9,R10,R11,R12 C25900 4
100n C4,C6,C7,C8,C10,C12 C307331 6
10uF C1-5,C9,C11,C13-15 C440198 9
uSD-Molex SD1 C585350 1
1N4148W D1,D2,D3,D4,D6 C81598 5

The Mouser parts that have to be soldered by hand - you have to order them on your own…:

Comment Designator MouserNumber Lot
PW2 TSR_2-2450 495-TSR2-2450 1
USB1 USB-B-Socket 538-67068-8000 1
D5 1N5818 583-1N5818-T 1
Midi1 - 649-1012938390801ALF 1
Midi-IN1-2, Midi-OUT1-2 Midi-KCDX-5S-S2 806-KCDX-5S-S2 4
PW1 PJ-079BH 490-PJ-079BH 1
SW1-3 Power 611-1101M2S4AV2BE2 3
USB3 USB_A-Molex 538-89485-8000 1


copy following list into this


Order from Reichelt:
2x 2x25Pin Female 2,54mm Heades
1x 1x20Pin Male 2,54mm Header
1x 2x10Pin Male 2,54mm Header
5x 2x5Pin FeMale 2,54mm Header
4x 2x4Pin Female 2,54mm Header


1. If the Discoveryboard is a virgin-one then upload the bootloader via stm-utility
2. Upload the Bootloader
3. Disconnect and Reconnect the USB-Cable to your PC, then type “help” into the MIOS-Terminal, this should print out the actual Board-Configuration, if this happens then: 4. Type following commands:

set lcd_type 0x84
set lcd_num_x 26
set lcd_num_y 1
set lcd_width 128
set lcd_height 64

at least this has to be done when using this core for Triggermatrix5

To Do

It works! next variant will be, without Discoveryboard and the STM32F407vgt6 directly soldered to the board…

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.
or join the forum: Triggermatrix 5

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