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MotionSeQuencer for ControlChanges for 2xLRE8x2 Boards
Synth-Patch-Editor & Motion-Sequencer 4 ControlChange (= CC-Automation)


Controls and automate a Nord Drum2 (Drum-Synth )NORD DRUM 2

It acts as:
- Midi Merger NTE,CLK,PC merge with CC… - Patch Manager it replaces the Synths internal Patch Storage, each PC Number from your Sequencer is added by the BANK CC (CC 32), where each Nr is ADD 128 PC Numbers more…
- Motion Sequencer Record your Controller Movements in a Sequence in 32th Resultion @ maximal 256 Steps length


- Remote your Synths by: 8x Midichannels with up to 32x Control Change (CC)
- Save the Patches and dump it to Synth
- Load hundrets of Patches via received Program Change + the Bank-CC (CC32)
- Save Patches vie CC24 + CC value 0-127… when sending before a BankCC32 you can expand that to 128×128 patches
- Record CC-Motion-Sequences - PLAY Motions-Sequences up to 256 steps @ 32th rate - VELOCITY MORPH Add Velocity-Ammount to CCs
- MERGE incoming Midi-Notes/Clock/Pitchbend with Automated CCs
- Set Sequencer Beatstructure - how to interprete Clock-ticks (4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4…) - CC23
- Global Page: for example you use 8 simular Drum-Voices, with the Global you have 8 channel strips with dedicated Controlls, for example:
8xVolume, 8xTone/Noise-Mix, 8xDistortion, 8xClick
if you have one Synth over 2xMSQ_CC_LRE Tracks(booth set to MidiChannel 0, to get 64CCs instead of 32), then the Global Page: have the abillity to show/edit a parameter from Track1Voice on Track1Global, and from Track2Voice on Track2Global… it depends how you set the Midichannel in the Systemsettings (which are hardcodet but via Mapping Array changeable)
- for one multipart-synth, MSQ_CC_LRE do all the Preset Store, and Automations, so it is one Unit > to use the Unit in a other way would make all the Patches (128×128 patches) useless, so once done, its bound to it, load all with Programchange! minimal is better here, there will be other MSQs outthere see MSQ-CC-BCR

Hardware Requirements

External Requirement:(for example)

  • Melody/Clock Source with ProgramChange-Output: midibox_seq_v4l oops that dont do PC…
  • Melody/Clock Destination: NordDrum 2


  • 1xMidi IO connect 1 midicontroller and 1 Note/Clock-Source/Destination
  • SD-Card, formated with FAT32
  • Soldering Iron, Wires, PCB….
  • USB Power Supply
  • 2x LRE 8×2 mb-lre8x2cs_pcb
  • 3 extra Encoders and Ledrings (to controll the unit) + Pushfunction inclusive Button LED
  • 8 Momentary Buttons without LED
  • 1 Momentary Button with LED
  • 1x DINX4
  • 1x DOUTX4



MidiIO PortB Out »> Synth Midi IN
MidiIO PortB In »> Clock+Notes




it would be possible to add 16 OLEDs but… but i dont have the money for that right now….




V1. from
hardcodet for a NordDrum2 - but change-able in Mapping via a Array in Sourceode:
this is the maping which says wich of the 32 internal CCs are one of the outhernal CCs (0-127):

This Mapping says which one of the 32 internal CCs are positioniered in the Mixer/Overview/Channelstrip-Mode

there are 8 deep edit pages, and 8 overview pages.

CC Routing to Synths

MSQ_CC_LRE internal i have 8×32 CCs, they are always identical.
but with a simple input output matrix i can decide which CC it gets in real world.
each of the 8 Part can have midichannle 0-15…
So we talking about Mapping… in the moment it is made in the source code with a simple array.

To Do

alot, but since it is base on MSQ-CC-BCR! most is done, and its running solid

maybe scale min max values for CC: for example different synths have only 0-3value instead of 0-127, by different functions like WAVEFORM…) - this will be interesting when using other synths then nord drum…


Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved, the sourcecode is includet in the firmware .zip!!!

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