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–at the moment obsolete– because there is dipcoref4!!!
we want to create a small STM32F4 based Board (for example 10x4cm in size), with limited Pins/sockets…
FantomXR had made such a thing before, so we start with his working design, and invest some time in it
see also this article: Another Midibox Core
I have started a new Tread in the Forum, so we can discuss things there: mnmlcore, but i hope that most of the things will be done in the wiki, so it is more clear


a Name

mnmlCore, miniCore32, 10x4CORE, RFcore, fundimentalCore, basisCore, baseCore, XRcore, midicore

Design Concepts

phatlines idea with onboard-split-cut MidiIO:


the inital FantomXR Board:


- Size V0: 98,5mm x 48,5mm
- Micro-SD-Slot(flat @back on the board)
- J8/9 SRIO (for normal shiftregisters)
- Midi A+B (+HiSpeed? )(need external Optocoppler)
- J30 Displays(need external HC595)
- Bootloader-Switch(for program-alphas…debug)
- onboard-Voltage-Regulator (5V input regulated to 3,3V)
- USB over Pinheader (no onboard-socket)
- USB-Power-Jumper
- J6+J7 - Pedals+Fader:“for an AINSER64-like-analog-scanning”, “I made some pcbs with faders which I connect directly to that connectors”
- SWD-Header (to program BOOTLOADER into board by using for a example a Discovery-Board)
- Reset-Header

our modified Board:


FantomXR made some improvement in his other projects, so we also should change this things:
“For example I changed:
the oscillator to SMD
all none-VDD-traces to 0.2032mm
all vias to round-style and 0.32mm diameter.
all 0603 SMD parts to 0805. removed the ID-pin from USB.
added an inductor behind the USB connector for EMC-improvements

PCB Fabrication/Pick and Place:

FantomXR have a pick and place machine, price he not knows up to now FIXME
need to ask him about the size of a sheet FIXME of multiple pcbs his machine can hold FIXME
find cheap PCB-Manufactor, which do this sheets FIXME for cheap FIXME

Hardware Requirements

  • a jtag programmer (or a Discovery Board)
  • Soldering Iron, Wires, PCB….
  • USB Power Supply


Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Documentation, PCB-layout-or at least give it a first try…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved

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