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TriggerMatrix V4



Left: Serial Nr1 « » Right: Prototype


Install MIOS Studio, connect TM4 via USB, and Start the STUDIO

2. (only needet for Virgin Machines) type following commands into the MIOS-TERMINAL:

  • set lcd_type GLCD_SSD1306_ROTATED
  • set lcd_num_x 9
  • set lcd_num_y 1
  • set lcd_width 128
  • set lcd_height 64
  • store

3. (for Version Updates) Unzip the TM4-Firmware, and Upload the TM4.hex
4. Unconnect USB & Connect the USB again — finished.
5. If the Machine is not detected by mios studio, and you already checked the usb-connections, the device or the code is broken, for that on the backside of TM4 is a switch, please set it to “bLOAD”, now you can upload new & unbroken codes, dont forget to set it to “normal” back again - after upload new code - else the APP will not boot…


BOM, Components, PCBs


Stable USB-Type-B - Mod


Pictured Doku

\ \ \ \ \
\ \

\ \ \

15mm “hard-Wood”, i use BEECH, let it cut by your local hardwarestore…


3mm Aluminium Plate


Short spoken:

  • 16xdrumtriggers > Trigger-Routing-Matrix > Drum-Syntesizers
  • 5x Poly Melody-lines > Trigger-Routing-Matrix > Melody-Syntesizers (track 1-5)
  • 7x Mono Melody-lines > Trigger-Routing-Matrix > Melody-Syntesizers/Pitachable Drums (track 6-12)


  • Drum-Trigger are Velocity Master > we dont care about the velocity of the Melodys
  • There are Songs (ProgramChange), each Song has 8 different Trigger-Routings Presets> these are the Song-Parts
  • Each Song has 4 StepSequencer-Variants (Rythms)
  • Each Song can Remote up to 6 Melody Scenes (LoopA-compatible!)
  • 256 Songs saved on SD-Card, and Load-able while playing
  • The Tempo has to be changed by Hand or Midi, it is not saved with the song
  • System-Settings, like Ports or MidiChannels are Hardcodet, but there will be a sys-menue in near future
  • Triggermatrix midi-outs are connected to all synths, so it manage the program-change also
  • 16x Trigger-OUTs with fixed Notes, on one midichannel - to connect Drum-Synths, Drum-Samplers
  • 5x Polyphonic Melody-Retrigger-OUTs on 5 MidiChannels - to connect MelodySynths to it
  • 7x Monophonic Melody-Retrigger-OUTs on 7 MidiChannels - to connect Monophonic Synths like pitchable Drums or Bass-Synths FIXME - i think 1-5 is poly the rest is mono!
  • All 16 Trigger & ReTrigger-OUTs share the same Routing and Channelstrip UI (Mute, Solo, Roll…)
  • Trigger, Poly, Mono-OUTs can be controlled seperatly by > Random-Kill & Velocity-OFFSet
  • 5×16 Melody-Input-Matrix - Route & Mix Melody Inputs to the 16 Melody-Retrigger-Outs (saved in Song)
  • 16x Melody-Input-Matrix-Hold-Buttons - hold the last Note, save it in the Patch - usefull when pitch drums.

the Matrix has also a Trigger-Sequencer built in, the Melodys have to come from anywhere else, but @ the end, they have to be plugged into the matrix…
Trigger-sequencer, a few facts:

  • is a Drum-Step-Sequencer
  • 256 Steps in total
  • 32 th fixed rate
  • 3,4,5,7,11,13/4 tact
  • minimal LoopSection is 16steps = 1 Page, there are 16 pages to chain
  • intro LoopSection, from step 0 until to the “minimal LoopSection”- is played once, then it loops the normal LoopSection
  • The sequencer is made to give a static NoteStream, the Song-Structure is done LIVE by the TriggerMatrix-ROUTER
  • Full Velocity control, visible with 3 different colours, Velocity Set via FADER
  • Free programmable Swing to each Step, with 2 different swing Length-sets, which are controlled live with encoder
  • copy, paste, erase of pages
  • copy, paste, erase of rows
  • fixed forward play direction

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation, Hardware-Prototype, Testing, Jamin…
  • Maxim Anokhin - as first User of TM4 - Serial Nr.1

Getting Involved ?

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved

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