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* 5 Encoders
* 5 Ledrings
* 5 ENC-Switchs
* 5 3LEDS for ENC-Switches
* 1 Shift-Switch
* 2 1306 7Pin- OLED-LCDs

controlled from a STM32F4 Microcontroller dipcoref4,CV1
build for CV1 as UI-Expansion-PCB.

ready for Pick and Place

–all Parts except the ULN-Driver-ICs are on the Top-Side, and are presoldered..

Hardware Requirements

  • CV1 or other MIOS32 Cores
  • Soldering Iron - with a Dip that can Handle Thruhole-Parts, solder Paste…
  • dont forget the Micromatch connectors, and Ribbon cables



The Design is optimized for Pick and Place > allmost all SMD Parts are on the Top-PCB
The Rest is Thruhole > easy, the ULN Driver are SMD and has to be handsolderd

now waiting for Presoldered PCBs

10 assambled pick and place PCBs costs 60€ in 2021… so one PCB costs arround 6€
but we have to add the other parts wich costs 47€ incl taxes incl shipping in 2023.
a big cost is the frontplate which cost 20€… but if you panalize the frontpanel and order more off it you could reduce this costs massive!
so 47+6€= 53€ for one LRE5-LCD2-PCB. exclusive off this calculation are Knops for the Encoders.


these are the parts which must be handsoldered

CommentDesignatorFootprintLCSC Part NumberLot
ULN2003ADRWQ1-Q3SOIC-18_300milC9683 a`ca.0,8€ exclTaxes3
PEC11R-4015F-S24ENC1-ENC5thtC143789mouser-a 1,94€ exclTaxes5
Micromatch-2×5-femaLCDi1,LCDo1,Ji89,Jo89thtC590954 mouser-a`0,774€ exclTaxes4
Micromatch-2×5-maleLCDi1,LCDo1,Ji89,Jo89thtC590954 mouser-a`0,882€ exclTaxes4

S1 can be stuffed with: Matias, CherryMX, MEC-3FTH9, TL1265
Matias@midiphy 5pcs = 3,49€ incl Tax excl shipping
Caps@midipy 5pcs = 10€ incl tax excl shipping

Also you will need one ultrabright LED to illuminate the Matias Switch, the mounting at the moment is a bit diy (hot glue gun)…

BOM AliExpress

2xSSD1306-7Pin - a`1,47€ excl import taxes and shipping.


these are the parts which are presoldered by the Pick and Place Machine

CommentDesignatorFootprintLCSC Part Number

+ Ribbon Cables for example (MOUSER):


I made a DXF File which you can send to Formulor in Germany

Here a DXF with one Frontplate, ready to upload to Formulor:
I payed 20€ incl taxes and sipping from Germany to Austria

Recommend Material from Formulor:
3mm Acrylglas GS 181x181mm, mittelgrau transparent(7C83)

If you plan to build a MSQ-CC-LRE wit your LRE5LCD2, then you may save money by use this panalized DXF, where 2x LRE5LCD Panels + 2x MSQ-CC-LRE Panels are placed: ready to upload to Formulor:
I payed 45€ incl taxes and sipping from Germany to Austria

Recommend Material from Formulor:
3mm Acrylglas GS 384x384mm, mittelgrau transparent(7C83)

PART Locations

To Do

making Revision 2, because in 1 the Transistor-Array-Fottprint is wrong and had to bridged

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.

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