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Hack a Alesis PhotonX25 XYZ-Dome-IR controller
or how to DIY


The XYZ Dome works with 1 IR DIODE, and 4 IR Transistors, which are connected to 2x Stereo Audio ADC 24Bit running on Wordclock…
I dont know if i can get the Alesis ADCs running (AL1101) - see Datasheet al1101-datasheet.pdf
maybe i only remove the DACs and connect them to J5A!


first a took a shot of the Front&Back of the IR-PCB… then i matched it, and redrawed every path…

i removed the orginal picture:


How to get it working without touching a SERIAL PROTOCOL?
dont using the onboard DACS, instead use the MB-Core STM32F4 J5A AIN-Port….

Negative: using a lot of bandwith.

I connected all 4 IR-Transistor-Circuit directly to J5A
The IR-Diode I connected to Pin1 of J10A.

Hardware Requirements


  • 1xMidi IO connect 1 midicontroller and 1 Note/Clock-Source/Destination

To Do


Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…
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