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TM5 Gate/Trigger Input

this is one essential part for my triggermatrix5
* Levelshift from 5V to the for the MCU required 3V, with a Resistor Divider
* Overvoltage Protectect with TVS-Diodes
* Preamp-Section

5V, 3V or Pre-Amped input - can be set vie Jumpers and Potentiometers, the PCB itself should be mounted on the Groundplate off the housing, the housing should have a service-plate to access this Settings!:

8 Channels, are managed here, so in order to have 16channels, you need 2 off this PCBs
if you dont want a Preamp, then dont stuff the Preamp-section > this will make this PCB a lot off cheaper!


Building and BOM

dont order this Parts, they are mostly pre-soldered on the PCB!

Comment Designator Footprint LCSC
8 VR1 -VR8 Poti-SMD-200K-3224W-1-204E 1204E C55072
8 C1-1, C2-1, C3-1, C4-1, C5-1, C6-1, C7-1, C8-1 2N2 C_0402 C1531
8 C1-4, C2-4, C3-4, C4-4, C5-4, C6-4, C7-4, C8-4 33p C_0402 C1562
8 C1-5, C2-5, C3-5, C4-5, C5-5, C6-5, C7-5, C8-5 100n C_0402 C307331
8 C1-2, C2-2, C3-2, C4-2, C5-2, C6-2, C7-2, C8-2 330n C_0805 C1740
16 C1, C1-3, C2, C2-3, C3, C3-3, C4, C4-3, C5, C5-3, C6, C6-3, C7, C7-3, C8, C8-3 10uF C_0805 C440198
8 R1-4, R2-4, R3-4, R4-4, R5-4, R6-4, R7-4, R8-4 10K R_0402 C25744
16 R1-2, R1-3, R2-2, R2-3, R3-2, R3-3, R4-2, R4-3, R5-2, R5-3, R6-2, R6-3, R7-2, R7-3, R8-2, R8-3 220K R_0402 C25767
8 R1-1, R2-1, R3-1, R4-1, R5-1, R6-1, R7-1, R8-1 4K7 R_0402 C25900
8 Ri1 – Ri8 220 R_0603 C22962
8 Rd1 – Rd8 330 R_0603 C23138
4 Amp1 - Amp4 OP-Amp-TLC2272ACDR SOIC127P600X175-8N C478072
2 TVS1, TVS2 3V-4fach-TVS-PRTR5V0U4D,125 SOT95P275X110-6N C96236
1 Gate1 J89-Header-2×5 Con-2×5-J89
1 J5A/B1 AIN Con-2×5-J89
8 Asel1 – Asel8 - PinHeader_1x03
8 Ji1 - Ji8 5V/3V PinHeader_2x01
8 Jm1 - Jm8 Amped 2×01


This Quantitys are for 2 Boards:

Order from Reichelt:
3x 1x20Pin Male 2,54mm Header
4x 2x5Pin FeMale 2,54mm Header
32x Jumper

To Do

waiting for the assembled Prototype

Community users working on it

  • Phatline = PCB & Shematic, UI-Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved.
or join the forum: Triggermatrix 5

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