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Konga Trigga

Konga > Mic > Preamp > Schmitt Trigger > uController + KeyboardNotes Input = Drum Triggerd Notes



- convert Microphone - Pulses to Midi-Drum/Melody-Retrigger

Hardware Requirements


  • Audio PCB
  • DipCoreF4 PCB
  • UI PCB


  • Soldering Iron, Wires, PCB….
  • USB Power Supply


  • TS-274 OP-Amp
  • 14 Pin - DIP-Socket
  • Pin-Header 2x5Pins (to connect the PCB to Core J5A)(you will also need a cable 4 that)
  • Resistor R1 22K
  • Resistor R2 4K7
  • Resistor RFB 100K
  • Resistor for Output-Gain-Reduction 100K
  • 2x Electrolyt Capacitor 0,67uF (to decouple audio in and out)
  • Electrolyt Capacitor 10uF for Supply
  • Capacitor 100nF to denoise the OP-Amps-Rails…
  • 2 Audio Cables+Sockets for the connection to the Recorder (6,3 mono jacks)

Firmware FIXME write code

How I Use It - built in Rack


Community users working on it

  • Phatline = Programming, Documentation…

Just let a Private message on the forum to user already involved

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