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Fadercore is a Project to make a replicable and scaleable Fadermodule that can be used for DAW proposals.

I started 2010 with that idea because i was Live Engineer of a concert Location. I used a software DAW for mixing because it was the cheapest console on market. Since then Behringer mixed up the market totaly my purposes changes. Now its just a fun Projekt to learn how to design an Electronic Product.

The goal of Fadercore is to make a Modul of 8 Faderstrips where every strip has 1 Oled, 3 Buttons and one Encoder and is scaleable up to 32 Faders (4 Modules)

The Heart of a Fadercore is a STM32F4Demo or a LPC17Core with a special Header for Display chains…


Diagram of System

The follwoing steps are to be done:

Make a board that has connections to 32 displays. - done

Make a board that has connections to 8 Encoders with LED rings. - done

Make a Faderboard that connects 8 Motorized Faders to the Core board. - done but has to be redone for STM32F4Demo

Make a board that connects to 24 Buttons and min. 48LEDs if not (RGB) 72LEDs.

Make a Frontpanel. - depends on Buttonboard…

Make a Case that is scaleable so it is Possible to rise the number of Fadermodules…

Make a Demosoftware .NGC file that can be used from Midibox newbies… :-)

Make a Board that holds the Matrix for small meters.

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More details to the Project Parts:

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