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Developing MIOS Apps with Eclipse


Eclipse IDE is a platform-independent development environment. However, you'll need a number of other tools that are not platform independent. You'll need GPUTILS and SDCC to compile for the PIC micro-controller. Please fallback to following guides depending on your platform to get the necessary installation informations:

Along with GPUTILS and SDCC we will install Eclipse IDE and the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (aka CDT). Finaly, we will install the EclipseSDCC plugin that integrates the open source Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) within the Eclipse/CDT.

WARNING Please note that EclipseSDCC is only compatible to Eclipse 3.1 yet. This means that you'll need a dedicated fresh 3.1 version in case you have a 3.3 for other uses. This page will be updated when a new version of the EclipseSDCC plugin will be available.

Install Eclipse IDE and CDT

  • Unzip it in the appropriate directory.
  • Launch Eclipse
  • Select the directory where your projects will be hosted
  • Open the Update Manager (Help > Software Updates > Find and Install…)
  • Select “Search for new features to install” and press “Next”
  • Click “New Remote Site…” and enter the “” as the update site URL.
  • Press “Finish”
  • Select the CDT update site miror
  • Check the “Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools” node and press “Next” (the “SDK” feature is for those who wants to extend CDT…)
  • Accept the term in the licence agreements
  • Optionaly change the CDT location (or leave it in your eclipse distro) and press “Finish”

Install EclipseSDCC plugin

tar xvzf net.sourceforge.eclipsesdcc-1.0.0-linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz
  • Copy contents of the features/ directory to the features/ directory of your eclipse install and do the same for plugins.
cd net.sourceforge.eclipsesdcc-1.0.0-linux.gtk.x86/
cp -R features/* /opt/eclipse-3.1.2/features/
cp -R plugins/* /opt/eclipse-3.1.2/plugins/
  • Relaunch Eclipse

Now we are done with installation. We now have to configure Eclipse properly.

Configure Eclipse

Create a new project

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