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Welcome to ilmenator's WIKI page.

I'm a regular contributor to the MIDIbox forum, and in the last few years have worked on a number of projects involving MIDIbox modules.

Some of them are worth documenting. You'll find them here.


I have created a 16x4 button LED matrix control surface PCB for the MB SEQv4.

Also going with the MB SEQv4 is my Track Position Display PCB. When placed alongside the 16×4 BLM the total width will be equal to that of Wilba's MB SEQv4 panel.

Because of popular demand, I have created a PCB for the SCS module. The nice thing about it is that it can accommodate three different kinds of switches: my beloved Marquardts, TK's favourites from ITT Schadow available at Reichelt, and the TL1100s as used in the SEQv4.

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