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The Total Newbie's guide to MidiBox Projects

"I want to build a [blank], but I have no idea which modules I need..."
MidiBox 64 1x 1x 2x 2x 2x 8x - - 1x - -
MidiBox 64E 1x 1x 2x * 4x 4x -1x*--- Either the MF or the AINx4s can be used, but not both
MidiBox 128 1x 1x -4x4x8x-----
MidiBox SEQ 1x 2x-4x4x8x--1x--
MidiBox SID 1x 1x - 3x 2x 8x -1x1x--
MidiBox FM 1x 1x - 1x 1x 8x --1x1x-
MidiBox LC 1x 2x -4x4x-1x---Option of Graphic LCD or up to 2 40×2 Character LCD
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