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Open Source Hardware

Other cool open source projects from around the net.

  • - Open-Source MP3 player to listen to your MidiBox music on.
  • Yampp - yet another Open-Source MP3 player.(this one has USB capabilities)
  • Arduino - An open-source physical computing platform very cool programmable I/O board.
  • Wiring - Wiring is an open source programming environment and electronics i/o board for exploring the electronic arts, tangible media, teaching and learning computer programming and prototyping with electronics.
  • Ronja - Ronja is a free technology project for reliable optical data links with a current range of 1.4km and a communication speed of 10Mbps full duplex.
  • - prototyping tool!!! (this is just cool)


Circuit designs that can be incorporated into projects.

  • RIAA Compensated Stereo Preamp - A turntable preamp board and circuit design. usefull if you want to make a Traktor mixer/Controler with an optional turntable input.
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