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MIDIbox SEQ v3 inside a C64 case, using its keyboard

It's possible to save some time and money building the SEQ into a Commodore 64 case and re-purposing the keyboard, so that each key corresponds to each of the buttons expected in the original project.

Note that this is different than using just the chassis: in that case you would make a panel, attach buttons etc. like any other “standard” implementation.


  • No buttons required.
  • The C64 case can fit all the needed circuitry of MBSEQ.
  • Only 6 DINs and 6 DOUTs required (or one DINX4, one DOUTX4 and two protoboards).


  • The right LCD is misaligned to the corresponding buttons, unless using a “staggered” layout.
  • It's suggested that all the keys should be re-labeled with their new function.

The “kernel” of this mod is both in hardware and in software. The hardware part is made by a scan matrix circuit which interfaces the Core to the C64 keyboard. It's exactly the one used for MidiBoxKB. The software part is a little patch to the SEQ firmware, valid for v3.2 and v3.2a, that uses that circuit to emulate presses/releases of the buttons.

The spare space above the keyboard is then used to hold the encoders and the two 2×40 LCDs. In my own implementation I “extended” the keyboard plane with a panel: this way LCDs and encoders have a more comfortable position when using the sequencer sitting in a desk.

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For any other info, please watch this forum thread.

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