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This is Wild_Weasel little Midibox Traktor section.This is again a denon remote control unit retrofit, namely a RC-35 MK III for the DENON DN-2000F MK III cd-player unit.

The unit was bought at ebay for approximately 50€. After testing the player, which still worked, I ripped it apart.

After that I desoldered the PCB to have a template for making new ones. This was done with the help of a desoldering pump. The pushbuttons, the leds and the jog/shuttle wheel have been desoldered.

Cutting the new PCB using a small cutter for my dremel tool. Two boars are done, one for the left and the right side of the unit.

Drilling the new PCB using the old PCB as template. Doing so you achieve a perfect fit of your PCB into the unit. Don't forget to drill the mounting holes too. I am using clamps to keep the two boards aligned during the process

Afterwards I milled new soldering pads using my dremel tool again. One pin from each pushbutton is insulated from the rest of the board (which acts as ground) this way.

Mounting the parts and attaching cables.

A DIN X4 is piggybacked to each board with M3 srews and spacers.

First test with a core modul attached.

Update 23.9.2006

Scuffing the silkscreening away

DOUT module installed. Even works with high power blue and white LEDs.

Position of future encoderes for FX section.

Update 26.9.2006

Welding and soldering additional sheet metal to cover the display cutouts.

Partly finished after bondoing and sanding.

Update 13.2.2007

I added 8 Encoders for FX controll. Turning left/right increases/decreases the value. Pushing the Encodes activates/ deactivates the FX-Button in Traktor. Pushing the outermost encoder with the shift-button engaged changes the selected FX in Traktor.

Code area

Still to come:

finished C Code
USB connection\\ Midi I/O included in the Traktor Scratch Interface, therfore no usb will be used
labeling [self-adhesive, clear, laserprinter-sheets will be used]

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